5 Minute Decking

Call A Professional? Why, When You Can DIY

Do It Yourself

Why bother spending hundreds of pounds on professionals when you can fix or make it yourself!

Nails should hold it

Good Building Work

Girlfriends moved out

Urinal Made From Toilet Bowel

Should be street legal?

Street Legal Moped

That should hold it

Broken Car Boot Repair

5 minute air con installation

5 Minute Air Con Install

Why do plumbers need training?

Radiator Fitted


Window Framework

Seems safe enough

Electrical Safety Lighting

Precision tiling

Precision Tiling


Car Mirror


Car Paint Job

Smashed screen? Bit of plastic wrap will do the trick

Mobile Smashed Screen

Built to withstand earthquakes

Tv Stand

Just a couple of mill off please

Door Carpentry

One saved trip to the car mechanic

New Gears For Car

Decking in a day

5 Minute Decking

Whats the closest thing i can find…

Car Wing Mirror

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